March 6, 2013

Sinead was the name we gave the piebald pony in the little field across the road from our rental cottage in Crumlin, a tiny townland on the Loughros Beg penninsula just west of Ardara (Arr-DRA) in SW Donegal. The most beautiful setting in which we've ever found ourselves staying in Ireland. As far as I'm concerned, for a painter or photographer, Donegal is the most inspirational and subject-rich county in Ireland, and that's really saying something!  This is the second painting I've done from that visit (see painting to the right) and there will be more to come. 

On the November morning that we reluctantly left for the drive to the Dublin airport, there was frost on the grasses and tidal bay was filled with mist, lit by a brand new sun in the East.  A scene right out of a fairytale. As always, Sinead was there... but she didn't even turn around to say goodbye though we called her name over and over. 

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