March 17, 2011

A Stroudsburg Hideaway. Last Friday, Karen and I drove up to Stroudsburg, PA, "The Gateway to the Poconos," to attend the opening of a beautiful library-themed bar on whose walls were a bunch of my Irish Writers prints plus my double-tiered original oil (on loan) "I Remember Ireland." This was hung in a place of honor, the center of the handsome new paneled bar, directly above the single-malt whiskeys!  
     The pub is called Lynch's Hideaway and the owners are two charming Irishmen, Sean James, who hails from County Mayo, near Ballina, and Barry Lynch, a Galway man himself.  The place was packed, and we met many interesting people including Sean's petite wife, Paula, the mother of five, and quite a charmer herself. 
     The prints were beautifully framed, an amazing achievement in itself considering that it had only been three days earlier, Tuesday afternoon, that Barry had first called me on the phone.  About seven o'clock that very evening, a beautiful young woman named Sarah, having driven the 2-3 hours from Stroudsburg at rush hour, arrived at our house in Narberth, made a quick pit stop in our Powder Room, scooped up the unframed prints and the bubble-wrapped "I Remember Ireland" and headed back on the road North to the pub where a team of carpenters were furiously finishing the interior.  The final result was, as they say in Ireland, "Luvly! Brilliant! Grand!"
Samuel Beckett
Sean O'Casey
I Remember Ireland

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